consulting services
consulting services

LACAL Consulting will bring our expertise to each and every project from conception to completion:

  • assisting clients in identifying potential relocation sites
  • determining financial viability of projects
  • project planning - tenant surveys and preparation of relocation plans
  • relocation implementation
  • notices and claims preparation
  • move supervision
  • interim property management
  • case closing
  • ready to break ground

Auxiliary Services
Assisting with the development of administrative policies, procedures and forms necessary to carry out the initial program. Comprehensive project planning including cost estimates, analyses and preparation of relocation plans. Representation of clients at public meetings and addressing occupants' concerns. Preparation and updates to tracking reports monitoring the progress of individual cases. Establish and administer an escrow account to expedite relocation payments. Research and coordination of available resources to aid special needs residents

Liaison with California Department of Housing and Community Development, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Los Angeles Housing Department, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee and other oversight agencies, in order to assure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

  • Support in eminent domain litigation.
  • Staff-training for public agencies and post-relocation audit representation.

General Management Services

Vacant Property Services

Structure Demolition Coordination and Management