LACAL Consulting's principals and staff have over 80 years of combined experience in providing temporary and permanent relocation assistance services. We have successfully completed upward from 5,000 temporary and permanent moves.

Our staff is well trained in Federal and State Relocation Law and Guidelines, familiar will local ordinances and tax credit regulations. Languages spoken by our staff are English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian. In addition we can supply translation services to accommodate any other languages as necessary.

Residential Relocation: temporary and permanent (tenant, homeowner, mobile home resident)

RSO Relocation Specialist
Modified relocation assistance provided to tenants facing no-fault eviction under County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles and other municipalities requiring landlords to provide relocation specialist services for their current tenants prior to issuing 60-day notice of termination. Interviewing tenants to assess their relocation needs, determine the relocation benefits eligibility, and assist with searching for comparable replacement units and securing the replacement unit.

Temporary Relocation
Interview residents to ascertain relocation needs and special requirements. Explain the relocation process and inform residents of available assistance. Provide residents with ongoing social service advisory assistance to minimize hardship during the displacement time. Preparation and delivery of all applicable notices as required by the governing guidelines. Processing of required claim forms and prompt delivery of payments to residents. Assist and monitor all individual moves. Maintain necessary case file documentation.

Permanent Relocation Assistance
Professional assistance with the relocation of residential, and mobile home owners and tenants. Conducting personal interviews with each affected occupant to determine individual needs. Determining benefit eligibility, searching for suitable replacement units and performing DS&S inspections. Processing claims, personally delivering payments, overseeing moves, updating relocation case files and closing case files.

Non-Residential Relocation Assistance
Professional assistance with the relocation of commercial uses, complex businesses and billboards. Conducting personal interviews with each affected business to determine business ownership, structure, number of employees, nature of operations, earnings to determine benefit eligibility, explanation of relocation benefits for eligible businesses, searching for available replacement commercial sites. Coordination with appraisers of fixtures and equipment, processing claims, advisory assistance, overseeing moves, updating relocation case files and closing case files.